About Elizabeth

Elizabeth was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. She has lived in Fairhope, Alabama since 2003. She has 10+ years of  experience working with children, adolescents, and adults in community mental health, schools, and private practice settings.

After graduating from college with a BA in Communication, Elizabeth married and started a family. Years later she earned her Masters in Counseling while working as a Health and Wellness Coach.  In her spare time, Elizabeth loves spending time with her family, reading, creating art, kayaking, taking walks and fishing with her husband.  She also enjoys teaching Restorative Yoga, Meditation, and Kids Yoga!


Education and Professional History


Licensed Professional Counselor 2010-present, Alabama. License # 3059


Bachelor of Arts in Communication after attending Ole Miss and graduating from The University of South Alabama.

Master of Arts in Counseling after graduating from Liberty University.

Relevant Clinical Experience

She’s benefited from a tremendous amount of training, supervision, and experience during her studies and her internship at The Harbor - Thomas Hospital. She’s worked with clients with a wide variety of presenting problems in many diverse counseling settings and as a Life Coach. These include intensive outpatient, church volunteer counseling centers, domestic violence shelter, local community mental health and the school setting. Today, she is a highly trained, experienced counselor and life coach with a passion for helping people improve their relationships and find their own harmony and inner peace. She is also a Level Two trained Gottman Couples Therapist and a Gottman Workshop Leader for The Seven Principles of Marriage and Bringing The Baby Home.

She believes that everyone can benefit from counseling or coaching. Most of all, she believes that everyone can heal, grow, and learn from their experiences—sometimes we just need to have more support, knowledge, or guidance to do so.

Questions about Gottman Method Couples Therapy?

Gottman Method Couples Therapy was developed by Dr. John Gottman. He and his wife, Julie, are world renowned for over 40 years of breakthrough research with over 3000 couples. Dr. John Gottman has written over 40 books. Elizabeth is excited and passionate about practicing the Gottman Method Couples Therapy. It gives her a powerful structure that is based on science. Couples learn the skills to manage conflict in a calm and constructive manner. They also learn how to improve intimacy and friendship to re-capture those loving feelings. It is grounded on what actually works in relationships that are happy and stable, not idealistic notions or anecdotal evidence of what marriage ought to be.

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